Saturday, September 19, 2009

Fall Fun!

Just another BEAUTIFUL day in Alaska! My neighbors and I all decided to take our kids, all 9 of them, to this one day fall festival in Palmer. It was a picture perfect day and I definitely think the kids really enjoyed themselves. It would have been even better if all the kids were a little more cooperative, but when there are nine kids and 4 adults there is bound to be a little chaos! Ian was not feeling the photo ops, but he was there (just in case there is any question). We had a lot of fun playing in the fields, riding the tractor train, checking out the animals, and just being outside!

The boys were loving playing in the tall grass before we even got into the actually farm!

Rose, my neighbor, taking her turn pulling the heavy load of little ones in the cart meant for people that were picking veggies. Oh well!

Some random scenery pics, cause it's just so beautiful and I still have a hard time believing I live here!

This was Baylee and Declan riding in the tractor train and it was coming to an end. I think this is when we knew our day was coming to an end. So sleepy!

This was as close as my boys were getting to that chicken!

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  1. I so wanted to take the boys to the festival. Looks like you had a blast!!!