Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Morning...Part Two!

Christmas Day continued with a trip up to Ryan's parents' house. Where Santa was oh so generous in delivering presents to two houses for Ian and Declan this year! It really was so fun to have them just stay in their sock monkey Christmas jammies all day long. They opened their presents with such excitement and were totally ready to help everyone else open their gifts as well.

I must admit that although I was just not in the mood for Christmas, this day made up for that quite well! I guess I forgot that Christmas isn't always what we think it should be in our head, but it's about being with the people we care most about both near and far! I love my family!

Grandpa got new gloves this year and Declan took quite a liking to them!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Morning...Part One!

I'm not really sure what happened Christmas morning at my parents' house but there were definitely not a lot of pictures being taken and I do apologize for that! This is all I have, but it's better than nothing! Ian's "big gift" from Nana and Papap was a pirate ship and Declan got Spike Jr. (a dinosaur, of course). We had such an amazing time and I'm so grateful that we were able to spend so much time visiting family!

And you know I just had to leave the "leg warmer" picture up for entertainment purposes! I'm telling ya, I couldn't be more of a dork, sometimes!

Christmas Eve!

I do believe I went against everything that I know is right by starting my Christmas Eve with going shopping. I should have been done well in advance, but I was really just not in the mood this year! I did get everyone taken care of and got back to my parents' house in time to get the boys and I dressed for church. Did I mention that I had 5 children in my care! Thank God for my brother Andrew who volunteered to stay with me to help out. He such a great little brother!
We had a wonderful time there and headed straight to Grandma LaMarca's house! This is a tradition for us and it was crowded and crazy, as usual. I don't know that I would have had it any other way though! This is the proof of the mass chaos that I know my boys and I were involved in.

It was great because all the kids had a "picnic" on the flour with spaghetti and they loved it. Especially Declan who felt the need to eat his food and any other plate he could reach! He loves his food!

I love all my family, but there is a special place in my heart for this amazing little girl who just happens to be my niece! Isn't she just beautiful! She looks so much like my brother/her dad, Tony.

And unfortunately this is the best picture I could get my hands on of my boys and I. They were so cute all dressed up and Declan totally had a tie on! I'll try to get a better one so you can get the full effect of the massive cuteness that ensued! I know I'm such a dork but I love dressing my boys up! Gotta do it while I still can get away with it!

We totally ended the evening driving back to my parents' house and getting the boys ready for bed so Santa could come. You all are aware that he doesn't come until we're asleep and that was a hard concept for Ian this year. He said multiple times that he didn't want to go to sleep because he "would miss all the fun". I asked him what "fun" he was talking about and he replied with "just fun, mom", like I should know and how dare I ask such a stupid question. I love my boys!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Day After...

OK, so I'm a little out of order but such is life when I'm in the land of "Slow Internet" and I wasn't the one taking most of the pictures! I do apologize but I will get as many posts out there as I can in the next few days! We are basically just recouping from Christmas craziness and enjoying being with family. The boys got spoiled by Nana and Papap, as well as, Grandma and Grandpa! It's inevitable and the boys haven't asked for any presents today so I know they were satisfied! Today has been low key and full of play dough! The boys love it! Yeah Grandma! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and Santa brought you all that you wanted! I know he did really well for my boys. The only thing missing was Ryan and we definitely missed him but we are so excited to have him home in February!

Although Declan isn't looking in this picture I kept it in here so you could get a glimpse of Little D's new tats! This was Ian's present to Declan. The boy loves his tats and I have no idea where he would have got that from! ;)

Sunday, December 20, 2009

My crazy little boys!

I just had to add this in! My little guys have so much energy! I also can't believe that my parents allowed this to go on for as long as they did!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Weeks before Christmas

In the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas I've been trying to keep the boys as busy as possible. Mostly just playing with their cousins, going to see Santa and some last minute shopping. We did go see Santa and as soon as I find a working scanner I will post that picture, but I was able to post the picture of the train ride that the boys took after telling Santa what they wanted for Christmas. They had to go around twice and that still wasn't enough for Declan, of course! Honestly, I think he would have just fallen asleep on there if he would have road any more!

I just had to stick a pick of Isaiah in here for good measure. He's just so cute!

I love that Cooper and Ian get along so well. They are so very different in personality but I kinda think they even eachother out sometimes!

My little "Recycling Santa"! He was just having so much fun putting all my mom's shopping bags on him and running around.

We went and saw my nephew's preschool Christmas play. There is really nothing as cute as a bunch of 4 year olds singing while they are dressed like animals, wise men, shepards, an angel, Mary, and Joseph. Cooper is the one dressed as a "sheep". lol

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My Dancing Fool!

So since I've been slacking on the blogging front I thought I would put a little bit of Declan doing his thing on the dance floor! He just cracks me up with his dancing! I'm so glad at least one child got my "dancing gene"!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thanksgiving Part 2

This Thanksgiving was extra special since we were able to have my dad home with us when we were told he wouldn't be! It really makes us even more thankful! Our visit is going well for the most part. Lots of time with family and Ian and Declan are really getting to know their cousins. I really have a new appreciation for my family and the amazing amount of blessing that I have experienced in just this past year alone!

This is all my grandmother's great grand kids piled on my brother Andrew. Such a fun family!

My two "little" brothers!

My mom and dad's grand kids! Alex (8), Cooper (4), Ian (3), Declan (2), and Isaiah (1). Not the best picture but you try to get this group to sit still for more than 2 seconds!

My dad and Declan! It cracks me up, cause Declan had know idea we were taking his picture.

Mom, Ian, Dad and Isaiah! Ian so loves to get his picture taken still!