Thursday, October 28, 2010


I'm playing catch up if you haven't noticed and I laugh because this was quite a few "snows" ago! There is not a lot of things that are more exciting in our house than the first sticking snow! It just means that we are one step closer to cross country skiing season and that is such a fun time! We are so looking forward to getting Ian on skis this year for the first time and maybe even Declan. We'll see how it goes! Yeah for snow!

Fun with a Laundry Basket or "Kitty Prison"

This post is totally for the Caldwell side of the family, but can be enjoyed by all! Declan loves when he can get a hold of an empty laundry basket (which is very rare in our house!). No kitties to put in prison so the next best thing is Declan! Love it!

I SEE YOU!!!!!

Fall cooking fun!

Fall is here and I have really got to get out of the house because all I want to do is cook stuff! I love cooking, if only I had a family that wasn't so picky! But today I found two recipes that my boys and I loved! A friend from church posted a recipe on her facebook page the other day and in turn introducing me to The Pioneer Woman. It is one of the most inspiring blogs I've come across. There is just something about it that is beautiful and creative. I really just found that I have this deep down desire to be some kind of "domestic diva" (which I am so far from it's not even funny) and to me she seems to be close to it in my opinion.

Pumpkin spice breakfast cake

I love watching them eat, it cracks me up! And obviously they don't care cause they are totally chowing down!

Ian and I cleaned ours and Declan ate most of his. We left one for Ryan just because we are a nice, caring family with great self control! : )

And for dinner, all I can say is YUM YUM YUM! I don't know if it would be something I would make again, at least when my husband is home. Since he's not a big fan of leeks and I would hate to torture him more than necessary. But the boys both ate it and I probably ate more of this than is advised! This picture totally doesn't do it any justice but I took it just to document the extreme YUMMINESS!

Pasta with pancetta and leeks

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fall Carnival

We decided to go to the Fall Festival at the Anchorage Museum. It was a little crazy and a lot of hecktic but we had fun and so did the boys!

Obi Wan Kenobi of course!
Fire Fighter Man as he calls himself.
He was so excited to get his face painted! Finally I have one that will get his face painted.

Breakin the law! Breakin the law!

Ian's first mini golf fun!

So the other day, while Ryan was at work I decided to take the kids to the indoor play area we have on base (Arctic Oasis). We met our neighbors, the George's there so it was really a good time for the kids to get lots of energy out! Michael decided to take Ian and Joshua to the mini golf area and they boys had a blast! Declan was a little crazy, because he didn't get to have a golf club (for good reason)! I have found that if Ian is concentrating, don't even bother trying to get his picture unless you're willing to climb over stuff to get him to face you. Such is life with my kids and I'm ok with that. At least he had a good time and it's definitely something he wants to do again with "his daddy". So cute!

After Ryan got off work I was ready to not cook dinner for a change, surprise surprise! So we finally used a gift card I got for my birthday from our wonderful friends, the Cook's! I love when meals are enjoyable! THANKS COOK FAMILY!

Ian's scarf

I finished Ian's scarf! I love that he requested a scarf in the first place and he also picked out the yarn. He is definitely something else! I think it turned out pretty good for not following a patter and just winging it. I didn't block it when I finished it so it's a little on the wavy side but Ian seems to like it like that and I'm ok with that. He wore it so proudly the other day when we went out. I can't believe I'm actually doing something "crafty", who would have thought! Regardless, Ian and I are proud of it and that's all that matters!

He is so serious sometimes and it totally cracks me up! And Declan trying to sneak into the picture is even funnier!

There's my cutie!

My family's new addiction

So the other day I got my new phone, not just any phone, the iPhone 4! Little did I know what a stir it would make in our house. I started downloading a couple apps just from hearing my friends talk about which apps they liked and I got one for the boys thinking that they probably would never play it. Little did I know that the apps "Angry Birds" and "Monkey Preschool Lunchbox" would be such hits! Even Declan is in on the madness! I have had a chance to play with some photo apps and here is the result. I will definately be playing with them more!

Monday, October 11, 2010

My first KAL

So I just recently joined a KAL Dishcloth group (Knit A Long) and this was my first project. I totally could have picked a different yarn color but when you don't know what you'll been ending up with it's a gamble. I really just wanted to try some new patterns and I love the idea for finishing projects so quickly (instant gratification and all). This is what I ended up with and I'm looking forward to the next one.

More snow and the gorgeous sunset

More snow creeping down the mountains brings us one step closer to cross country skiing!

Ryan caught this gorgeous sunset on film the other evening. It never ceases to amazes me how beautiful this place can be! I'm so glad we have been given the opportunity to move here!

The love of a son

Ian and Declan were both outside playing with the usual crew when I came inside to start dinner. Usually when this occurs, there are multiple visits from the boys for tattling purposes, but to my surprise this day was different. Ian came barreling in with these flowers, roots and all, and said proudly "I picked these for you mommy. I love you!". He ran back out just as fast as he came in and that was that.

There is something so sweet about the relationship between a mom and her son(s) that I never really understood until I became a mom of boys! It is such an amazing thing to see the amount of energy they have, only to slow down for a moment to pick flowers for their mom or simply give a hug and say "I love you". I'm guessing God created this character in boys to keep their moms' from going crazy from all of the destructive, mischievous, and all around crazy behavior that comes with boys! I am truly blessed! There is no doubt in my mind that God knew that having boys would create in me a new found respect for my dad and my brothers. They have been more of an inspiration to me than they know and I am eternally grateful for them!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

My Knightly Boys!

The other day I went and checked the mail and low and behold there was a package from Grandma! The boys were completely oblivious, because they were too busy playing outside. But when I showed them what came you would have thought it was a box full of candy! They proceeded to run around the cul-d-sac like crazy men! I love that they are so imaginative and love life as much as they do! It reminds me to not take life so seriously all the time! They definitely taught me to HAVE FUN!

This was the only one of the two of them when they first got their shields. It was so funny to see them run around showing all the other kids on our street their cool new things!

This one definitely shows the difference in their personalities perfectly! One is all out there and the other is more "behind the scene". I love them both soooo much!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Welcome Fall!

Ryan's Birthday

So for Ryan's birthday I decided to attempt to make a key lime pie from scratch (it is his favorite!). I tried several years ago when we were dating and it was HORRIBLE! Being the great guy he is, he ate it even though it was nasty. I'm so glad this time it turned out much better. Not the prettiest thing in the world but it was tasty!