Saturday, October 23, 2010

Ian's first mini golf fun!

So the other day, while Ryan was at work I decided to take the kids to the indoor play area we have on base (Arctic Oasis). We met our neighbors, the George's there so it was really a good time for the kids to get lots of energy out! Michael decided to take Ian and Joshua to the mini golf area and they boys had a blast! Declan was a little crazy, because he didn't get to have a golf club (for good reason)! I have found that if Ian is concentrating, don't even bother trying to get his picture unless you're willing to climb over stuff to get him to face you. Such is life with my kids and I'm ok with that. At least he had a good time and it's definitely something he wants to do again with "his daddy". So cute!

After Ryan got off work I was ready to not cook dinner for a change, surprise surprise! So we finally used a gift card I got for my birthday from our wonderful friends, the Cook's! I love when meals are enjoyable! THANKS COOK FAMILY!

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