Monday, October 11, 2010

The love of a son

Ian and Declan were both outside playing with the usual crew when I came inside to start dinner. Usually when this occurs, there are multiple visits from the boys for tattling purposes, but to my surprise this day was different. Ian came barreling in with these flowers, roots and all, and said proudly "I picked these for you mommy. I love you!". He ran back out just as fast as he came in and that was that.

There is something so sweet about the relationship between a mom and her son(s) that I never really understood until I became a mom of boys! It is such an amazing thing to see the amount of energy they have, only to slow down for a moment to pick flowers for their mom or simply give a hug and say "I love you". I'm guessing God created this character in boys to keep their moms' from going crazy from all of the destructive, mischievous, and all around crazy behavior that comes with boys! I am truly blessed! There is no doubt in my mind that God knew that having boys would create in me a new found respect for my dad and my brothers. They have been more of an inspiration to me than they know and I am eternally grateful for them!

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