Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Pre-Christmas Fun

What Christmas season starts without some craziness? I figured since we weren't doing the usual travel I would run my first 5K! It was the Reindeer Romp in Evans, GA. It just happened to be on the coldest Saturday morning we had in December but that's ok. I was just proud that I finished it and I wasn't last! I definitely don't plan on this being my last, so it must not have been that bad. Although Ryan may find a babysitter for the next one. He had Ian and Declan in our jogging stroller all bundled up to watch me. Ian just cried the whole time and thought I wasn't coming back. Everytime he saw me he would just cry louder. Needless to say, I love my wonderful husband! This was Ian and I after the race and after he calmed down.

This was Ian and I after the race and after he calmed down.

Later that day we had our great friends, the Schofield's, come to visit and we all went to the Lights of the South. It was really great to bundle up and take a hayride and see all kinds of beautiful Christmas lights. It almost felt like I was back in PA!

This was our first family photo where everyone was basically looking at the camera. Thank you Alicia!

This was actually the start of the hayride.

This was the light castle that the hayride drove right through.

My little Declan and I cuddling to stay warm. It was just such a good experience and Declan was past out after about of two minutes on the hayride.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving/Declan's 1st Birthday

This Thanksgiving we went to the Callahan's for the second year. I was a slacker and didn't take pictures until after dinner and when we had Declan's early birthday celebration. Complete with cupcakes and presents. Althought his 1st birthday wasn't until the next day I thought it would be nice to share with some friends. The cupcake started out rather neat but as you can see, it got a little messy!

I love this picture! He pretends he's shy when women talk to him and my friend Renee was talking to him when he did this. So cute!

I just had to give him some fresh strawberries to balance out the cupcake. I know it's his birthday but I couldn't resist. He loves his fruit!

Opening presents at the Callahan's. He was so interested in checking out the first present that we had to start the second one for him. I'm just happy he tried to open as many as he did.

The next day we had a little birthday celebration, just the 4 of us and Declan opened some more presents. He got a pair of shoes from Grandma and Grandpa and he just loved them. He held on to those shoes for a good while!

He was really unsure about opening this present because it was furry.

Of course Ian came to help and then proceeded to take over the "GA Gator" briefly.

Declan got over the odd feeling of the furry new friend and now loves giving him hugs!

I then had to wrestle Ian down for taking the gator from his brother which turned into the wrestle with mommy game. Now anytime I'm on the floor the boys tackle me. I love my boys!

Renee just sent me a couple picture of her son Emry and Ian from Thanksgiving that I thought I would share. They were taking a break from running around like crazies to watch a few minutes of cartoons!

Catching up...Part 2...Some Randomness!

So here are some random photos and videos of our life, which revolves around our kids. I never thought I would say that but it's so true and I wouldn't have it any other way! This is a video of Declan walking. He started walking October 5 but really started to take off around Halloween! I love the hands up method of balance!

Can you feel the brotherly love! Ian had just finished wrestling Declan to the ground and I missed it but I got the "I'm sorry" head pat!

We are in the process of doing some heavy duty potty training and that is another reason I've been slacking on the blogging. But for a couple days, the only way Ian would sit on the potty was if it was on the coffee table in the living room. Before I had kids I would have been totally disturbed by this thought, but now if it means less diapers to change, I'm all for it! I caught this picture of his reading while on the potty, which I was so excited about. His Uncle Zach will totally understand why!HAHAHA!

So this is the fakest smile I've ever seen on any child ever but I thought it was too funny not to post!

I was trying to get a picture of the boys in there matching Smokey the Bear shirts from Grandma and Grandpa but some wrestling happened instead. I think this is all Grandpa Mark's fault!

Just one of the cutest Declan I know! I love that he's just so happy all the time, ok almost all the time!

Catching up...Part 1...Happy Halloween!

This year was super fun since Ian was actually into dressing up and "trick or treating". He was the best looking pirate I saw all night and Declan was the crab from The Little Mermaid. We had so much fun carving the pumpkins. When I say "we" I mean Ryan and I since Ian touched it once and was having no part in the disgusting stuff and Declan really wasn't that interested at all. And I specifically carved a Thomas the Train pumpkin for Ian since he has a slight obsession.

Our little Sebastian the crab! He may look like a little girl but he was still so cute!

Ready to go! The evening could not come fast enough for Ian. It's a true test of patience for a child to wait to go trick or treating!

I think there was like two pieces of candy and a tooth brush in that pumpkin but it was so very interesting already! This is also one of my favorite pictures!

Of course we had to get some pictures of Ian with his little friends. This one is of Ian and Brooklyn as Minnie Mouse! Such a great age! Ian's facial expression cracks me up!

This is Ian the pirate, Gabriel the chicken, and Gabriel's sister the princess!


Ryan ended up carrying Ian at the end of the night! That was a lot of walking for a two year old!

Checking out the loot at the end of the night!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fort Gordon's Octoberfest

Saturday was just going to be a quick trip to the base but there ended up being a carnival going on. So the boys and I went and checked it out. It was mostly big rides but they had a tent set up for little kids, and the boys had such a good time! Who would think that a kiddy pool filled with balls would make Declan laugh hysterically and Ian was loving the dinosaurs there. Here are just a few pictures I took.

Day Out With Thomas

Today was a beautiful, cool fall day and we spent the day in Cordele, Ga at A Day Out With Thomas. For those of you that don't know, Ian is a HUGE Thomas fan! If it has anything to do with Thomas and Friends, Ian is going to beg for it! So far we have kept it pretty under control, but it looks like this Christmas might push us over the edge! Today was beautiful and fun, but very exhausting! I'm sure you'll be able to tell from the looks on our faces. Totally worth the 8-9 hours spent in the car getting there and back!

Ryan and Ian riding on the train. They don't look alike or anything!

Declan and a very tired mommy riding on the train. He really enjoyed looking out the window.

Ian playing at the Imagination Station tent! He loved all those train sets!

Daddy and Ian hangin out with Thomas. Ian was so not in the mood for pictures, as usual.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

October in Augusta, GA

Today was a beautiful and unseasonably warm day in Augusta so we had to play outside! We just went to the playground near our apartment but it was still fun. It's so odd to be in shorts in October but I'm not complaining!
Declan really like the whole mulch on the ground thing. He decided to taste test it and came to the conclusion that it wasn't as good as it looks.

Ian was such a stinker! To get him to slow down long enough for me to take his picture is a feat in it's self! This is his serious look since he wasn't in the mood to smile.

After much persuasion I finally got Ian to go down the slide with Declan, but waiting for me to take a picture of it was just too much for him. Declan on the other hand found it very funny.

Declan wanted to be like his brother and try to climb, with me holding on to him, of course.
Ian loves going down the slide but loves sending his cars down even more!

We also got Declan's hair cut for the first time. He was such a trooper, he didn't even cry. It was sad for me because I think he looks so much more like a little boy not rather than my baby. As soon as I scan the picture I will post it for you guys.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Just Getting Started

Since we are so far from most of our family (Augusta, GA) and recently found out that we will be even farther (Anchorage, AK), I figured now would be a good time to share what is going on with us.  
Ian and Declan are getting so big! Declan just took his first steps on Sunday while we were at Ryan's parents' house and his first two teeth broke through today.  Ian is talking up a storm more and more every day. 
Ryan and I just celebrated out 5th wedding anniversary and enjoyed a lovely evening out with our dear friend and neighbor watching the boys!  Babysitters are a wonderful thing and we owe her!
I recently started running and am currently training for my first 5K.  Ryan has been a runner forever and I finally gave in.  He talked about how great it is for so many years I was bound to give in eventually.  I actually really enjoy it and really look forward to my first race.