Friday, October 10, 2008

Just Getting Started

Since we are so far from most of our family (Augusta, GA) and recently found out that we will be even farther (Anchorage, AK), I figured now would be a good time to share what is going on with us.  
Ian and Declan are getting so big! Declan just took his first steps on Sunday while we were at Ryan's parents' house and his first two teeth broke through today.  Ian is talking up a storm more and more every day. 
Ryan and I just celebrated out 5th wedding anniversary and enjoyed a lovely evening out with our dear friend and neighbor watching the boys!  Babysitters are a wonderful thing and we owe her!
I recently started running and am currently training for my first 5K.  Ryan has been a runner forever and I finally gave in.  He talked about how great it is for so many years I was bound to give in eventually.  I actually really enjoy it and really look forward to my first race. 

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