Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Pre-Christmas Fun

What Christmas season starts without some craziness? I figured since we weren't doing the usual travel I would run my first 5K! It was the Reindeer Romp in Evans, GA. It just happened to be on the coldest Saturday morning we had in December but that's ok. I was just proud that I finished it and I wasn't last! I definitely don't plan on this being my last, so it must not have been that bad. Although Ryan may find a babysitter for the next one. He had Ian and Declan in our jogging stroller all bundled up to watch me. Ian just cried the whole time and thought I wasn't coming back. Everytime he saw me he would just cry louder. Needless to say, I love my wonderful husband! This was Ian and I after the race and after he calmed down.

This was Ian and I after the race and after he calmed down.

Later that day we had our great friends, the Schofield's, come to visit and we all went to the Lights of the South. It was really great to bundle up and take a hayride and see all kinds of beautiful Christmas lights. It almost felt like I was back in PA!

This was our first family photo where everyone was basically looking at the camera. Thank you Alicia!

This was actually the start of the hayride.

This was the light castle that the hayride drove right through.

My little Declan and I cuddling to stay warm. It was just such a good experience and Declan was past out after about of two minutes on the hayride.

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