Sunday, November 30, 2008

Catching up...Part 2...Some Randomness!

So here are some random photos and videos of our life, which revolves around our kids. I never thought I would say that but it's so true and I wouldn't have it any other way! This is a video of Declan walking. He started walking October 5 but really started to take off around Halloween! I love the hands up method of balance!

Can you feel the brotherly love! Ian had just finished wrestling Declan to the ground and I missed it but I got the "I'm sorry" head pat!

We are in the process of doing some heavy duty potty training and that is another reason I've been slacking on the blogging. But for a couple days, the only way Ian would sit on the potty was if it was on the coffee table in the living room. Before I had kids I would have been totally disturbed by this thought, but now if it means less diapers to change, I'm all for it! I caught this picture of his reading while on the potty, which I was so excited about. His Uncle Zach will totally understand why!HAHAHA!

So this is the fakest smile I've ever seen on any child ever but I thought it was too funny not to post!

I was trying to get a picture of the boys in there matching Smokey the Bear shirts from Grandma and Grandpa but some wrestling happened instead. I think this is all Grandpa Mark's fault!

Just one of the cutest Declan I know! I love that he's just so happy all the time, ok almost all the time!

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