Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fall cooking fun!

Fall is here and I have really got to get out of the house because all I want to do is cook stuff! I love cooking, if only I had a family that wasn't so picky! But today I found two recipes that my boys and I loved! A friend from church posted a recipe on her facebook page the other day and in turn introducing me to The Pioneer Woman. It is one of the most inspiring blogs I've come across. There is just something about it that is beautiful and creative. I really just found that I have this deep down desire to be some kind of "domestic diva" (which I am so far from it's not even funny) and to me she seems to be close to it in my opinion.

Pumpkin spice breakfast cake

I love watching them eat, it cracks me up! And obviously they don't care cause they are totally chowing down!

Ian and I cleaned ours and Declan ate most of his. We left one for Ryan just because we are a nice, caring family with great self control! : )

And for dinner, all I can say is YUM YUM YUM! I don't know if it would be something I would make again, at least when my husband is home. Since he's not a big fan of leeks and I would hate to torture him more than necessary. But the boys both ate it and I probably ate more of this than is advised! This picture totally doesn't do it any justice but I took it just to document the extreme YUMMINESS!

Pasta with pancetta and leeks

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