Saturday, December 19, 2009

Weeks before Christmas

In the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas I've been trying to keep the boys as busy as possible. Mostly just playing with their cousins, going to see Santa and some last minute shopping. We did go see Santa and as soon as I find a working scanner I will post that picture, but I was able to post the picture of the train ride that the boys took after telling Santa what they wanted for Christmas. They had to go around twice and that still wasn't enough for Declan, of course! Honestly, I think he would have just fallen asleep on there if he would have road any more!

I just had to stick a pick of Isaiah in here for good measure. He's just so cute!

I love that Cooper and Ian get along so well. They are so very different in personality but I kinda think they even eachother out sometimes!

My little "Recycling Santa"! He was just having so much fun putting all my mom's shopping bags on him and running around.

We went and saw my nephew's preschool Christmas play. There is really nothing as cute as a bunch of 4 year olds singing while they are dressed like animals, wise men, shepards, an angel, Mary, and Joseph. Cooper is the one dressed as a "sheep". lol

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