Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Camping by the Little Susitna

Last weekend we went with the Pearsalls to camp and fish at the Little Susitna. I was our first camping experience this summer and I'm totally regretting doing it more! We had so much fun!

Is that Ryan talking to Indiana Jones? Oh, nope that's Aaron Pearsall, a really great guy!

Do you see the excitement on Ian's face. He finally got the whole casting thing down and was so proud!

Jackie Pearsall caught the first fish of the day and it was a little creepy looking!

My man caught me a fish! I am so proud of him!

Ian's smiling only because we need to show Grandpa that his little fisherman is ready for him to come up to AK!

Mr. Cheesey strikes again!

My die-hard fishermen at work!

Just Like Daddy, almost.

Real Alaskan Women! (Cherie Taylor, Me, and Jackie Pearsall)

I'm sure Declan was telling Jackie something about poop. It's his favorite subject.

I'm being good, honest! Look how well I'm sitting here!

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