Tuesday, September 28, 2010

First Day of Fall in AK

Fall has come to Alaska and it is beautiful! I can't believe how gorgeous the weather has been and we are taking full advantage! Playing outside as much as possible! We went for a little hike on the cross country ski trails up by Eagle River highschool and doing a little recon for ski season which will be here sooner than we know!

My double fisted carrot eater! I love that he is into eating carrots lately!

Oh the little angels in this photo, where are they in real life? hahaha! I love these guys!

Declan is really into collecting "fire wood" on our hikes lately and this face just makes me laugh. I'm sure he's pretending to fart or something like that. Oh life with boys!

To catch Ian in a picture with him not making a goofy face is a rarity lately so here is one for the record.

Gorgeous Eagle River Alaska!

Declan being Declan! He is such a fun kid!

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