Thursday, September 9, 2010

More Caldwells Come to AK

We have guests again and we are loving it! Ryan's parents and uncle came up the end of August and we have been keeping very busy ever since! Surprise surprise, the boys are totally loving having their grandparents here.

There is something amazingly soothing having Grandpa reading to my children. It's like this magic power he has!

Ryan took his parents for a little hike up Mt Baldy and they had a great time!

We got to a little lake in the Kincaid Park and the men were getting the boys (Batman and Spider man) fishing rods ready to go. Thank you Uncle Greg!

Grandpa trying to cast Ian's Batman rod.

My little fisherman!

And this was Ian's fabulous experience. It did get better like 5 minutes before we left and of course I didn't get any pictures of that.

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