Thursday, December 23, 2010

First time XC skiing with the kids!

I just have to say that I'm so proud of my boys! (In case you didn't know that yet.) Ryan has been xc skiing for years and I'm still learning but we both love it and really wanted to share that with the boys. We decided to use some of the Christmas money for some new skis for the both of them. The excitement at the REI as we picked them out was so fun to see! Better to get them started sooner rather than later. They did better than Ryan and I could ever imagine for the first time on skis! The excitement was bursting from them, oh wait, that was Ian whining about EVERYTHING! Once we got to Beach Lake in Chugiak they were ready to go!

Declan waiting for us to figure out how to adjust his skis. He didn't seem to mind.

Once those skis were on them there was no stopping them unless they took a spill.

He started out with his poles but they were too distracting so we left them in the van.

Once again, Declan was eating snow. I'm not sure why he likes it so, but he does.

Declan's first spill on the skis!

And I had to do some movies of them. I couldn't get in front of Ian without ditching Declan so I will try again next time. Hope you enjoy!

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