Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Training Week # 3

So this week was tough since I was fighting a chest cold and the fact that my first born turned 5 years old on Sunday! This birthday thing included a lot of pizza and cake and stuff that really doesn't make you feel like going for a run, but Ian had a great birthday and that's what really mattered this past week! Running basically took a back seat but now is the time to get back to reality! My mileage for last week was just over a whopping 7 miles and I'm ready to move to the next week!

I've found that when I go a day or two now without running I feel it, both physically and emotionally. Those endorphins are a wonderful thing and I look forward to them before every run! When I was running in Georgia for my first 5K, I don't remember this feeling as much. I also was training by myself and really the only other runner I hung out with was my husband, Ryan. As much as I love him and how supportive he is of me, it's not the same. I have quite a few friends through my church that are runners and now this whole team of people training for one goal! We each have our own reasons for doing this but it's important non-the-less! It's amazing how motivating that can be!

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