Monday, August 22, 2011

Our Alaska Vacation-Denali

Sorry for the delay in posting.  I'll just claim ADD and move on from there!  R and I decided to take a family camping trip before he left for JRTC in Louisiana. It was a tough decision but we ended up going back up to Denali and then to Fairbanks.

 Our campsite in Denali was really fun great and much better than I imagined!

 My little ham!  I'm so glad one of my children don't mind getting their picture taken.

Photo by surprise!  The only way to get one with Ian actually looking at the camera!  Stinker!

 My little National Park Rangers getting sworn in!  They love this stuff!  

 D didn't want to give the hat back!  He's such a character.

 Mama and a baby moose.  I love those things!

 R and his boys!  I just love these guys!

 My little goofballs and I.  It's so peaceful out there, even with the boys!

 D looks like he's wrestling this tree down!  He's so tough looking with that hair cut!  And he likes it that way!

 It's amazing how fast they grow!

I love it when my husband takes pictures when I'm annoyed or frustrated, it's so faltering!  

Finally got to see something other than moose in Denali!  You would have thought I was a kid at Christmas!  Very cool caribou!