Sunday, November 8, 2009

Our first real snow and playing outside!

So we finally got some snow and as the true "Alaskans" that we are now we needed to play outside. It may look a little pathetic to try to sled on such a little amount of snow, but it made the boys day! We are defiantly due to get more snow in the next few days but we just couldn't wait. This is also Declan's first real experience with snow. I love that he kept calling it ice instead of snow, which actually is a little more accurate at the time. As I'm posting this there is much more snow coming so I'm sure there will be more productive sledding going on! Ian...well to put it nicely, took a little more "encouragement" to get him outside and stay outside but he had some fun once he got into it.

Ian and that not so thrilled look when he first came outside.

Declan trying to eat the snow that was on his hat! So cute!

Joshua, Declan, and Brianna on the sled. Ian was still trying to decide if he really wanted to be outside.

I also was able to catch a few of the fun things on video so I hope you enjoy.

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