Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!

So for Halloween we went to our church's Harvest Fest and Trunk or Treating, the boys had a good time and we didn't have to freeze outside walking from house to house. I even dressed up! When I came downstairs and Declan saw me dressed in one of Ryan's old uniforms it totally through him for a loop. He just hugged me and said "Dada!". It was actually kinda sweet.

These were something Ian picked out for his prize at one of the games. I was shocked that he put them on and let me get a picture. Shortly there after he broke them into pieces never to be bothered again! I love my boys!

Today Declan kept saying something over and over and it wasn't until Ian was correcting him that I realized what he was saying. I finally was able to catch it on video after a try or two. Just in case you can't catch it, he's saying "ARRGGG Baby" instead of arrrrggg matey. So cute, yet it was driving Ian crazy!