Friday, February 26, 2010

Welcome Home Daddy!!!!!!!!!!!!

So it's been approximately 51 hours since Ryan has returned to us and we couldn't be happier! I was amazed at how I felt, standing there waiting for them to come through that door. I was like a giddy little school girl! The boys did so well for being woken up at 3:20 am to go get there dad. Especially since we got there at like 3:45am and they didn't get to the gym until 5:15am! I was a little worried about the boys reaction to seeing their dad again, but there was nothing to be concerned about! Ian was cautious but it just took one look, to make sure it was him and then the hugging began. Declan, as usual, watched what Ian did and then gave Daddy a big hug! It was just such an awesome thing to see!

We haven't done much since then but I'm sure I will be posting more soon. I do need to send a special thanks to my wonderful friend Ginna Van Zandt for taking pictures for me. I know I would have totally spaced if it wasn't for her! Love you Ginna! : )

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