Monday, February 8, 2010

My Big Boy Turns 4!

Ok, so Ian is now 4 years old and his birthday was last Saturday, but the child refuses to accept that. He says "it's not my birthday yet cause daddy isn't home!" He's 4 and I'm totally letting him have that. We'll get to have the party later this month and that includes all the presents that go with that. I can't believe that he actually didn't want presents until "his birthday". Ok, that means I have more time to wrap them. I love that he is at the age that it is more about doing something fun with the people he loves than the presents. He was just totally content with the little 5 minute cake I made in a coffee cup compliments of and playing outside in the snow with his friends. It was a wonderful day and completely low key! I am looking forward to the party later this month, but only because Ryan will be there too!

My Big Ian! I can't believe he's 4!

Showing off the new shirt from Grandma and Grandpa! He just had to wear it that day!

Declan was totally doing a Happy Birthday to Ian thing and singing about cake. He's such a character and totally loves his big brother!

Ian was telling Declan something that I can't quite recall now but I just love the facial expression.

Ok, so this is totally random but before the cake was served Ian was over in the play room doing something that I didn't notice until later. This is what was going on. Apparently the dinosaur was trying to climb up to the pirate ship to eat the pirates. I love the imaginations of little kids!

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  1. That is SO sweet about not wanting his birthday until Ryan comes home!