Monday, April 5, 2010

The drive back home and Potter's Marsh

So we left Seward a day early simply because there was not a whole lot to do, at least when you have two little ones in tow. The drive home was amazing though! The boys are such good travelers, thank you GOD!

You know my love of signs and here is another one!

A little avalanche we actually got a picture of.

The beauty of Alaska still amazes me!

Potter Marsh - partially defrosted.

One of the few times the boys slowed down long enough to sit with me.

Declan didn't feel the need for another picture!

We Are Penn State!

This was such a freak picture. Ryan did a great job at catching him in a "cheese" moment!

Peek a Boo!

Checking out the bear info.

My warm welcome back from my boys!

Taking a job down the boardwalk. They have so much energy!

Declan was consoling Ian, because he was upset about loosing the race. I'm so glad they have each other!

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