Monday, April 5, 2010

Seward - Alaska Sealife Center/Playground Day

The main reason for us coming down here was to take the boys to the Sea Life Center. It's like an aquarium but a little smaller. The boys loved it and we ran through it in record time I'm sure.

We were eating lunch in the van before we went in and actually saw some sea otters playing in the water. It was so cool!

Our view from the parking lot! AWESOME!

Ian checking out the difference between seal fur and otter fur. " Otter fur is very soft, I like it better" (Ian).

Declan driving the crab boat.

Ryan and the boys checking out the Salmon.

This Harbor Seal was very interested in people and so very cute!

Declan was showing Ian his boo boo.

Ian decided he needed to take a rest and laid down on the floor under some chairs. He's so cute!

After we finished at the Sea Life Center we walked down the bike path to a really cool play ground that the boys totally loved! We put their snow pants on and away they went!

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  1. Sea Otters are absolutely adorable! They are the biggest show-offs. I love the cute picks of the boys with the Alaska sign!