Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Fun with the boys!

I feel bad about slacking on the blogging lately but we really haven't been up to much lately. Most days I'm really happy to make it through without anybody killing someone! Cabin fever has been a bit of an issue if we stay home more than two days in a row. I'm very thankful for the abundance of indoor play grounds up here! I am also thankful that the temps have been a little warmer (I'm talking above 10 degrees) so we have been able to do some xc skiing too!

School has been a big focus for us. Ian is doing amazingly and Declan can't wait to go! We do workbook stuff at home and it seems like we are reading a lot more, which is awesome! We purchased an egg from Michael's the other day and it was to sit in water for 48 hrs and see what would hatch! Ian was so excited and watched it intensely! It was really slimy and weird when it was fully hatched but Ian didn't seem to care. I love having kids!

The boys decided to make things with my canning jars since I wasn't using them at this moment. They put something different each one and built towers with them...

Used them as musical instruments...

And they made awesome monster sounds when they growled into them! These boys are so much fun!

Dry erase markers are a wonderful thing in our house! Ian is practicing writing his name and Declan's name. I love how these things are getting easier and easier for him!

This was him writing his "doctor list". Apparently he already knows that doctors' writing is illegible.
And one last funny! My little ham or Captain America...JUST LIKE DADDY!

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  1. I tell you Cabin Fever has becaome an epidemic level in our house as well! Maybe it has something to do with not being able to hang with you and your boys all the time anymore. We sure miss you guys!