Friday, June 17, 2011

Hiking Mt. Baldy with the boys

So Ryan and I have been dying to get out and hike Baldy (a little info about it is at the bottom). This is a local mountain that is very popular and a fun hike. We decided that we would see how far we could get with the boys in tow. I really didn't think we would get all the way to the top but once again those boys surprised me! The start was a little rocky with lots of whining and tears, keep in mind that this was about 200 yards from the car! But Ryan and I pushed them on and they really got into it!

This was about half way up and they were doing awesome! After all, Ian was "born to climb", or so he claims.

Almost there and complete with M&M stops!

They boys and I above Eagle River! Amazing and kinda chilly!

Cutie boys!

My guys! Love them!

Amazing views and great family time! One the way back down it was harder on us then going up the mountain. Toward the bottom of the mountain Declan was hitting his legs and saying that his legs were "cranky". Their poor little muscles probably never worked that hard. They were such troopers!

When we got home they wanted to play outside for a little bit and they both hobbled across the cul-de-sac. They are awesome and they continue to amaze me!

Trail Statistics & Information

Activity Type:Hiking
Nearby City:Eagle River
Length:7 total miles
Elevation Gain:2,700 feet
Trail Type:Out-and-back
Skill Level:Moderate; rough trail, alpine tundra
Duration:4 to 6 hours
Season:Best in the summer months
Top Elevation:4,446 feet
Local Contacts:Chugach State Park

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