Thursday, June 9, 2011

Play Date at Eagle River Nature Center

While the men were on their bear hunt, Grandma got to experience a play date with Rohn, Max, and Max's sister Anabelle. Hiking at the Eagle River Nature Center with five kids under the ages of 6 makes for an interesting day. It was really a beautiful day and I'm so glad we got to get out and enjoy it!

Declan was searching for bears or moose but with the amount of noise we were making I would be surprised if we would see any wild life other than the kids!

Snack break for the mighty hikers!

My two little cheese balls! I love these guys!

Later that day we got to see this nice bull moose from our car. I never get sick of seeing those creatures!

Nice profile!

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  1. Looks like a fun summer for you so far! I miss hanging with you, and Joshua still talks about Ian and Declan somedays like he just spent all day outside with them yesterday! So sad :( It was fun while it lasted!