Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ryan's Big Fishing Trip

Ryan and his friends took a fun little weekend fishing trip this past weekend and they did great!  I mean, they didn't catch a 200+ lb halibut like a little girl did the day before but they brought enough home to make me happy!  I still have to laugh a little because he doesn't even eat fish.  I'm hoping this will change with time but not as of yet.

Wow, someone looks really sleepy.  I guess the all night fishing excitement wasn't a great idea before a 5am fishing charter.

Aaron and Shane...Ryan's partners in crime!  Such great guys!

Mighty proud fishermen!  Hey where's Aaron?  He seems to escape photos kind of like Ian.

The charter crew...they did great.

Halibut are really unattractive fish but they sure do taste good!  

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