Monday, June 20, 2011

Mayor's Marathon prep/race day!

I've never been so nervous for anything, other than the birth of my children. The knowledge that I'm about to embark on something that will be painful and take time to recover from, but that will totally be worth it is amazing! I'm thankful to report that I did finish and my medal currently sleeps through the night, unlike my children!

It's an amazing process of training for a marathon, prepping for the actual race, and then finally race day. Team in Training is an amazing organization that really is a team! I felt some amazing camaraderie from people from all over the US! I spent about 7 miles of the race with Sara from the Arizona chapter and about 11 miles of the race with Tracy from the Monterey Bay chapter.

Because I wasn't caught up in finishing within a certain time I was able to have conversations with people and really find out why they chose to run. A lot of people are out there for more than just to run a race. Sara lost her dad a year ago in December and her and I both shed a tear or two at about mile 12 when we each told our stories. We both lost someone we love yet we chose to turn that into something positive! Tracy was having a hard day and was thinking about quiting, we encouraged each other and took our minds off the pain. I know I appreciated it as much as she did.

I will never forget this experience and I'm so grateful to all help I had along the way! Will I do it again? I know I will be signing up for more races, but no full marathons as of yet. I guess we'll just have to see. Running will definitely stick with me, I'm hoping for a long long time.

Just picked up my bib and timing chip and I am so excited! It's becoming more real!

My shirt is ready! It was a privilege to run in memory of these wonderful people! Running for a reason is awesome!

Sue, Krista, and I trying not to be too nervous!

Here we go! Getting ready for real!

Running strong into Mile 9 aid station with my teammate/friend Aprille!

Mile 13 aid station with Sara and feeling the love from my guys!

Mile 20 and enjoying the encouragement from my guys! Blisters are killing at this point!

Mile 22 with Tracy! Almost there!

Coming up to West High School track were the finish is! Almost there!

Running with my coach Sara! She is amazing and helped me run up "the hill" at mile 25.5!

Running for the big finish with my little guys! They rock!

I'm a finisher and Declan wouldn't leave my side! He's such a cute little dirt ball!

FINISHER check in! Team in Training ROCKS!

My awesome teammate, Sue! WE DID IT!


  1. Congratulations! What a thing to accomplish and you had such a great reason to run! :)

  2. Thank you for including my family in this. Cancer is an ugly thing, but the people you meet that have truly walked that road are strong and full of life.
    Congratulations on finishing, you are an amazing person and friend! Thank you.