Monday, November 29, 2010

Declan's Big 3rd Birthday!

First off, Ryan had been joking with me about how I was "in denial" of my baby turning 3 and now that its been a little while, I realized that I totally was. Does my husband know me or what! It just makes me so happy to see Declan growing into a healthy and happy little boy, but it's definitely true that he is just no longer my baby (as he repeatedly tells me). So, now that I'm at least recognizing my issues, I can post about his day! It was mellow and in upholding our traditions of not having a full on birthday party until they turn 4, we just had a day to do what Declan wanted to do. We went to church, where he officially got to be in the "big kids class/Ian's class" and for lunch he chose McDonald's (surprise, surprise). Ryan asked him what kind of cake he would like, and he decided without a second thought mind you, "chocolate cake with chocolate icing and a motorcycle on top!". This kid totally knows what he wants most of the time, it's impressive for a 3 yr old! Then we asked what he would like for dinner, and he said "pasta with sauce and meatballs". Is this my kid or what! He is such a sweet boy, and I'm just so blessed that I have him in my life!

The birthday table before the fun started.

The requested birthday cake! Yum!

Getting ready to eat dinner! I just love Declan's face here! hahaha

Ian had totally been such a sweet big brother all day! Over and over reminding Declan that it was his birthday and just getting him pumped about it. So stinkin cute!


A little birthday hug after we sang "Happy Birthday" to Declan.

Chocolate high smile before opening presents.

Remote control motorcycle from Ian.

Fire truck for my little fireman to be!

Stinky the garbage truck.

Toy Story 3 Color Wonder color set from Nina and Uncle Andrew.

Toy Story 3 book from mom and dad.

Declan picked out "Santa Paws" for the movie of the evening, and we all cuddled on the couch to watch it. I don't recommend it, but Declan enjoyed it, and that's all that matters I suppose.

All in all, it was a great day, and I think Declan really enjoyed being able to make all the major choices for the day. They are growing up so quickly, and I just hope I don't take for granted these early years of complete cuteness!

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