Tuesday, November 9, 2010

OMSH in Winter Wonder Land!

I love doing stuff outside with the boys and ever since I did a "Flat Stanly" project with my friend Jackie for her niece I have loved the idea. When I came across this while I was checking out recipes I had to do it! I love showing people the beauty of Alaska and involving the boys as much as possible. Any time coloring something and going somewhere is involved, the boys are all about it! So this was our adventure while Ryan had to work on Saturday! I wish he could have been there, but one must keep the crazies busy regardless of who is in attendance! It makes for good night sleeps!

Welcome to Eagle River Nature Center and my love of taking pictures with signs! haha
My little monsters in full effect with the OMSH monsters they colored.

Gorgeous! My pictures can't even begin to show you the amazing beauty of this place! I'm still learning to take decent pics!

The Chugach Mountains sign! I love the Ian is starting to try to read all the things he can. It's still a learning process but he's getting it and I'm reading a lot of informative signs! I'm so proud of him!

"Hike hike hike, we're walking through the woods. Hike hike hike!" I love when they sing on our hikes!

Eating snow...this is how he spend 75% of this walk. He can't get enough of the snow! I don't know how many times I've said, "just don't eat snow that isn't white!".

"Wait up Declan!" That kid is a little tank!

A moment of peace and quiet! A very short moment!

My snow eating monster. Seriously, he wouldn't stop!

Such a cutie!

Look at those eyes!

Ian was so done by this point he was a total Mr Pouty Pants the rest of our hike!


  1. That was some serious catching up now I guess I should try to do some but we'll see! The pics are cute, and the ER Nature Center is something I might just have to go do with Joshua at least!