Monday, November 15, 2010

First Sledding of the Season

We decided to take advantage of some of the snow and take the boys sledding for the first time. When I say "for the first time" I'm referring to really going to a big hill just to sled, not just sledding down the driveway like they've been doing since last winter! Ian was so excited the whole way there and then he saw the hill when we got there. He was not having it! Declan on the other hand was so excited but would only go down the hill with Ryan or I until the very end. It was so much fun and eventually we talked Ian into trying it and he was all about it after that! I see a lot more sledding in our future!

Ian was totally going down the hill by himself after going once with Ryan! He was lovin it!

I love that he carries his sled back up the hill like this. Like a seasoned pro!

Declan decided to try it by himself and it was too funny!

He decided to bail before he even reached the bottom!

I had to include a video of the boys going down the hill together! I love that they are really becoming great friends! Oh, and don't be surprised at the obnoxious laugh at the end of the video either!

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