Saturday, November 27, 2010

More pictures...

I was so pleased with how Ian's pictures turned out I emailed Allie Litterer to see if she could actually do some for Declan too! Luckily she was doing a makeup sessions for the kids that missed school that day and was more than willing to include us in that session too! Declan was a little excited when we got to her house and I was wondering if he was going to cooperate with her but it ended up turning out great! Declan is also wearing a sweater that Ryan's Grandma made for Ian when we lived in GA and it was never the right weather for it before he grew out of it! Thank God it worked perfectly for Declan now!

This picture of the two of them was unplanned! Ian was just being a good big brother and showing Declan how to lay on his tummy and she caught it beautifully! The last time we had pictures done and the both of them cooperated seems like forever ago! I can hardly believe how quickly they are growing up!

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