Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Bee Hunters and Other Fun Stuff

Declan is definitely more into pretending than I remember Ian being into and his favorite accessories are straight from the kitchen. This day he was a "bee hunter"! To see how his brain works would be amazing and probably frightening at the same time! Nothing like trying to clean and be productive when you have such a creative child to distract you.

After he was done he decided to help me clean! If only I could get this much cooperation with the picking up of their toys!

Ian saw us having "so much fun" cleaning that he needed to be a part of it too! I'm telling you, this is such a freak act of cleanliness that I am so glad that I took pictures to prove it actually happened and it wasn't just a dream I had!

And this is the scene when it's time to put jammies on! Any given day it varies who is doing what but this particular night it was Ian the muscle man and Declan as Mr. Whiney Pants.

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