Monday, January 31, 2011

My Team in Training Update

I have completed my second week of training for the Mayor's Marathon in June and I'm still thinking that I'm a little crazy for taking this on! I am completely proud of my motivation because I have people that have already sponsored this endeavor! Words can not express how grateful I am for that motivation!

Last week we had our Kick-off party and got to meet all my team mates from the area as well as our special honored team mate! Seana is an amazing 16 year old with Leukemia and just another inspiration for raising money to fight for a cure against this horrible disease. She has made it her personal goal to encourage and cheer up the nurses and doctors that she meets on each hospital visit. If only we could all have such a positive outlook while going through such a tough time.

We also had our first Team Run on Saturday and I was so nervous. Nothing like working yourself for no reason! It was a wonderful experience and I'm so looking forward to the amazing support from the coaches, team mates, and friends who signed up with me! This was my first run outside in the snow and it was much less intimidating than I had made it in my head, just a little cold! : )

Most of you know that my step-dad lost his fight with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma last year and I would love for my children to grown up to see a cure for all cancers, God willing! We all have something on our hearts that motivate us and we find worth fighting for and this is one of mine! Any support either in the form of a positive word, a prayer, or financial support I will be grateful! Help me fight this, one mile at a time! Thanks for checking in with me and I'll continue to keep you all updated with my progress. JUST KEEP RUNNING!

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  1. Good for you, wish I could do it with you, with the exception of running in the snow, well maybe it wouldn't be too bad!