Saturday, January 22, 2011

Fresh Snow!

Friday we got some fresh snow and the boys were thrilled that it was above 0 degrees and that I was willing to let them play outside! My boys are definitely outside boys! They played around while I shoveled the driveway and then Declan wanted to go for a walk.

Ian on the other didn't like that idea. I had planned on taking them to the playground down the street anyways to it worked for me and Ian fought me the whole way!

When I say fought, I'm talkin full on temper tantrum in the snow bank fighting! But I love him!

Declan was so not caring that Ian didn't want to go. I think he would have gone without either of us if he could get away with it!

The swings started to change his attitude and a large amount of prayer on my part!

We ended up having a lot of fun and staying until someone had to go potty! It was so much fun to hang out with the boys and be outside! Thank God for fresh air above 0!

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