Sunday, January 23, 2011

Skiing Kincaid and Russian Jack

So, I found these on our other camera this morning. This was our second attempt at taking the boys our skiing. Keep in mind that it was maybe 7 degrees outside without the wind chill and we should have just found something inside to do. But we so wanted to take advantage of Ryan's day off!

It was beautifully clear, check out Sleeping Lady! So gorgeous!

Declan was his normal self, pushing through the cold and skiing with daddy!

Ian on the other hand was not that easy going! Thank God only one of them have a meltdown at a time! But this is how Ian spent most of this outing and then continued to have a fit in the van. Talk about trying my patience!

Yesterday was very, very different and quite a success if I do say so myself. First off, the temperature was about 27, which is significantly warmer than the past two ski outings with the boys. Secondly, we did snacks before we went out rather than after. Last but not least, the promise of sledding after we were done skiing was rather a good one! Thank goodness!

Declan was a trooper as usual. I think he skies better than I do with no poles! But when he's done, he really enjoys falling on purpose and trying to teach them to get up on their own is trying, to say the least!

Ian's still trying to get the hang of getting up on his own, but at least he's happy doing it this time!

Even if we stop for a minute, Declan will just keep going. This time he was waiting for us. Such a sweet boy.

Since I got a good video of Declan the first time I figured I'd try to get one of Ian this time. He was in such a good mood and enjoying himself! Of course, Declan has to ask his usual question of every place we go! Enjoy!

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