Tuesday, January 11, 2011

not missing much!

So since the new year we haven't done a whole lot of exciting things but I felt some pressure to put up some pictures of the beloved grandchildren! It amazes me how well they are starting to play together. And I just noticed that at least Ryan was on the treadmill doing something productive! Good for him! Love you sweetie!

As we were putting the Christmas decorations away we found the "Krabby Patties" the Santa was suppose to put in the stockings. Dang Santa and his memory! Apparently they still taste just as good not from the stocking. I find it funny that Ian isn't actually eating them in this picture but just hugging the box. Such a cute kid!

I came downstairs one morning and Declan had gotten up earlier than everyone else and this is what he was doing. Just hangin out playing with his fire station, fire truck, and fire fighter hat. He is such a independent little guy and really growing up so quick! Where is my baby?!!!

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