Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Beautiful October Day!

So it was so beautiful today and I was in such a good mood (since I finally got an appointment to put the tires on Ryan's truck) I decided that we would go to Kincaid Park in Anchorage. I just wanted to walk around outside and maybe get some pictures. Cooperation from the boys is always an ify thing when I have a camera and today was no different!

The Nortic Ski Bear just for Daddy!

The one patch of daisies left on our walk/run. By the way, this is Ian declaring himself the winner of the race.

Run is one thing the boys will do no matter what their mood. Just say ready, set, go and they are off!

Off the path and quite wet. Should wear boots next time!

Ian's look cracks me up and there's Declan just checking out the airplane flying by.

Feet in the leaves.

Very unhappy Ian at this point. Time to head home!

Ian picked me a flower and was so proud of it.

Little Declan is such the explorer! He loves checking everything out!


  1. I love the background change, and the pictures from yesterday turned out cute!

  2. awesome.. can't wait for y'inz to visit!