Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Some more pictures just for fun...

Can I tell you, I just love the birch trees here!  They are awesome!  And the gorgeous blue sky isn't to shabby!  I hope to go back to this spot in the winter, spring, and summer just to get a perspective.  So much fun.These are pictures of the Eagle River and  the mountains right at the bridge before you get to my neighbor hood.  I love passing by here almost every day and as you can see there aren't too many leaves left on the trees here.  Even though it's been warm, I know the snow will be coming soon!  Weatherman says next week...we'll see.

And of course, one of my boys being extra brotherly.  They are so cute sometimes!  Ian was actually bringing Declan back to me after he tried to run down the street to check out the Giant blow-up ghost.  Notice the snow shovel in tow.  They are ready!

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