Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Here Comes The Snow and Other Craziness!

Yesterday was really exciting to say the least! I was loving the tiny bit of snow that was falling all day and just simply watching in work it's way down the mountains. This first picture is in the morning yesterday. The idea being able to watch the winter come down the mountain is so amazing to me! And because of that, it was a pretty nice day...until we were getting ready for bath time.

I figured I would check my email one more time before we headed upstairs for the night-time routine. The boys were playing kinda roughly, as usual, and then I heard the thump! Both boys were crying and at first glance Ian was fine and Declan was fine and then I saw the blood! Wow, head wounds bleed a lot. My neighbor (who is a God send, by the way) came and got Ian and within minutes Declan and I were off the the emergency room. I do have to send some praise the Elmendorf Air force Base Hospital ER, that was the fastest er visit I have ever experienced! A little numbing cream, a little wiping clean, a little dermabond (aka glue), and we were done! Home in less than 2 hours!

I love this picture because he looks like such a tough guy! But really it was first thing this morning and he was rather annoyed that I was taking his picture!

And of course Ian had to check out the damage on Declan's head and yes, I gave my kids a cookie for breakfast this morning. This is not a daily occurrence but I did find my self cleaning the kitchen from last night's dinner since I was so rudely interrupted but an er visit!

Another pleasant surprise showed up this morning. A little snow! I do mean little but I was still excited enough to take a picture.

Here is another picture of the mountain to the right of my house. I love comparing yesterday's to today's. I guess living in the south did something to my brain! I LOVE SNOW!!!! Hope you all have a great day!

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  1. You got way better pictures of the snow than I did! I have given my kids worse than cookies for breakfast, so I would never judge.