Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Hangin Out with my Boys

The boys and I needed to do something so I decided to make rice crispy treats with a twist. The boys were so into it! I just wish I would have taken more pictures.

Declan wasn't terribly thrilled with patting it down in the pan but Ian was all about it! Just an excuse to get stuff on his hands he could eat off!

Declan kept trying to pick out the berries. Fun stuff!

This was our creation and the twist was making it with this cereal rather than the old fashioned rice crispy cereal. The berries made it very yummy, but a little sweet for me. I think I'll try a peanut butter version next time we use this cereal. Still yummy!

I just had to add this picture of our nightly double piggy back ride up the stairs to bed. I'm not sure how much longer I'll be able to do this. They are getting a little heavy for this! I totally can't believe how big they are getting!

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  1. Those look good, and it's a great idea to use cereal, so how long before you find a sub for the marshmallow? When you do, let me know!